Thoughts from a Stalwart Parent and Citizen

Megan Hendricks Shares Her View

The following is a Facebook post from Megan Hendricks, an exceptional advocate for Florida’s students, parents, and teachers, in this War on Public Education. Mrs. Hendricks is no stranger to this war. She sat, nearly alone, and faced a hostile Florida State Board of Education a couple of years ago and bravely advocated for Florida public schools. 

She is still fighting.

Everyone concerned needs to hear her words:

I’m still emotional after attending the Pasco County School Board meeting last night.

Close to 200 teachers and parents attended, to share their concerns about things from rezoning to school dress code to teacher contracts. Below are some of the more meaningful quotes I hear from teachers last night:

“This is the only job that what I do is never good enough.”

“Doing what’s best for kids is also doing what’s best for ALL of the employees in Pasco County.”

“I do not feel valued as a professional in our great district. We are being asked to do more with less. Less staff. Less resources. Less pay.”

“In 2011, a law was passed that denies our teachers due process – something we provide prisoners, but not teachers.”

“We should be the vanguard of family friendly policy, not corporate greed.”

The question I can’t stop thinking about it this: How did we let it get this far? How have we, as a community and as a society, allowed our teachers to feel undervalued, underappreciated, overworked and downright trampled on? And, perhaps more importantly, what can we do to stop it?

I’m doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on these things from my own perspective, and I challenge each and every one of you to do the same. What can I, as an individual, do to fix this? What unique strengths can I use? Who do I know who I can convince to make an impact with me? What small and large things can I do today, and every day, to bring about change? What can you do as well?

Thank you Megan Hendricks!


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