Kurt S. Browning Honors Pasco Veterans

Hamilton Sanford offers thoughts on Kurt Browning's Veterans Day Observance. -PW

Commemorating Veterans Day by Making Vets Work

Nice one, Bubba.

So the story goes like this:

Kurt S. Browning, the


superintendent of Pasco County Schools, decided that the best way to honor Veterans Day was to make the all the actual


go to work. 

His rationale:

Veterans Day is so important that we should all go to school and work so he and his celebrity crony buddies can hold an embarrassingly ingratiating event to look like they actually care about veterans in the first place.

If Bubba actually cared about, and respected veterans, he wouldn’t have made all the vets who teach for Pasco County Schools go to work so he could conduct a fancy ceremony, using kids, to act like he actually does care about veterans.

News Flash for Bubba:

We don’t give a hoot about your stupid ceremonies and exercises in self importance. We wanted the day off.

You could have done this differently and still honored us, without screwing us out of Our Day, Mr. Superintendent.


When I was walking patrol, with 110 pounds on my back, and facing down the enemy, you were comfortable in your Supervisor of Elections office acting like a local golden boy. We all get that. You saw overseas on your TV. I lived under the stars, overseas, in places you never had the fortitude to go. Now you make me go to work so you can “honor” me.

Thank you.

If you think that the average voter doesn’t know that you are just trying to take our holiday and capitalize on it for your own benefit, you are sadly mistaken.

You could have accomplished all your goals on the day before Our Day and still made your silly, self-aggrandizing point.

You could have given EVERYONE the day off (like all the other school districts in the whole country) and told them to

Thank Veterans for their day off!

Why don’t you make us work on Christmas Day, so you can hold one of you stupid events with all your crony friends and explain to us the importance of Christmas?  Why didn’t we work on Thanksgiving so you could hold another stupid event and explain the importance of that to us too?

Oh wait! I know why: It’s because YOU like Thanksgiving and Christmas off! 

You messed up, Mr. Browning. You need to stop talking and open your ears.

On Veterans Day, Veterans should be off, Mr. Browning.

Check out Kurt Browning’s really rich gala presentation here! Remember; while Bubba is pontificating, VETERANS are working!

This is how a complete narcissist takes advantage of a situation.

Thanks again, Kurt Browning. 


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