My Views on Islam, and How They Got Me Marginalized by My Peers


A Perfect, Incidental Example of Leftist Self-Contradiction

How I got myself Bounced from the BAT Research/Blogging Committee

Last September, I was happily surprised to be invited to submit blog entries to the Badass Teachers Association’s Research/Blogging Committee, chaired by education activist and blogger Steven Singer. Singer runs the popular gadflyonthewallblog. The post I submitted, titled, Why Is the State of Florida Trying to Destroy its Own Public Schools ?, was the first of my submissions to the committee, and I was flattered that BAT put it up.

A couple of days later I was equally surprised when I received a private message from Singer on Facebook informing me that I had been removed from the BAT Research/Blogging Committee for “seriously troubling statements” I had made in the past about Muslims. He explained to me, “As you know, BATs is very strong on social justice issues, and among those issues is our unwillingness to tolerate Islamophobia.” He went on to inform me that BAT had been “forced to reconsider” my “place” in the group, and that I had been removed from the Research and Blogging group and the blog post that had linked my name to the group had been deleted . He finished generously: “I’m sorry it’s come to this. You are a talented writer but we cannot tolerate intolerance. Good luck to you.”

Well, I was pretty shocked. I considered my views on Islam then, as I do now, to be the logical result of very deliberate learning, which includes having read the Quran twice. I have delved deep into literature on the subject from a wide variety sources, including Muslim publications and websites. I am certainly no expert on Islam, but it’s safe to suppose that I know a bit more about Islam than the average American infidel does. Of course, that doesn’t matter to leftists, because leftists believe that they know everything about everything, quite by default.

It’s now been over three months since I received that message from Steven Singer. I’ve had ample time to think the subject through from every angle I can possibly conjure. I was hesitant to react initially because I felt as though I needed time to fully digest the implications that accompany an action such as the one BATs took against me.

The Enormity of the Issue Cannot Be Overstated.

I am alarmed and saddened by the naivety of so many self-professed “liberals,” who enthusiastically extol the virtues of multiculturalism and inclusion in the name of tolerance, and in the process of demonstrating their supposed open-mindedness, tolerate intolerance itself, all while vigorously claiming quite the opposite.

I assume that Singer was speaking for the BAT board of directors when he wrote to me, “…we cannot tolerate intolerance.” Taken in the context of a condemnation of anti-Islam sentiment, such a dictum is at its very best a tortuously labyrinthine demonstration of abject asininity.

The Most Hateful, Intolerant Doctrine Ever

There is, at this very moment, not one single doctrine on the face of this earth that is even close to as intolerant as Islamic theology. Not one. Islam is intolerance codified. Islam is the mother of intolerance.

For anyone who claims to embrace universal inclusion and tolerance to accuse someone who opposes the advancement of Islam in the West of being intolerant is a paradoxical act of blatant, pseudo-intellectual stupidity. To borrow the banal cliché used as the primary cause to indict me and eject me from the committee, it is those who oppose the spread of Islam in the West who refuse to tolerate intolerance.  The so-called liberals have it completely, and dangerously wrong. They do, in fact and indeed, tolerate intolerance if they tolerate the purposeful spread of such a hateful, death-ridden belief system as Islam.

There is absolutely no possibility whatsoever, in the realm of reality, to reconcile the rights of all Americans with the affirmed intent of the leaders of Islam’s transmission throughout the Western world. You cannot sensibly marry the rights of women and the precepts of Islam. It is absolutely impossible. Likewise, you cannot harmonize the rights of the LGBT “community’ with Islamic doctrine either. You cannot reconcile the American Bill of Rights, or the Constitution itself, with the dogma that provides the very foundation of Islam.

The bedrock of my opposition to the acceptance of Islam as a religion in the West, in the Western sense of the word, is that ultimately, Islam is predicated on the eventual subjugation of all other doctrines and philosophies. Islam tolerates no other. Leftists who think otherwise are slowly committing suicide.

Islam is a complete civilizational model that includes directions for every aspect of life, personal, social, and political. Of the three major Abrahamic religions, only the two clearly and undeniably woven into the fabric of Western culture recognize a secular authority as greater than their own with respect to sociopolitical governance.  Both Judaism and Christianity explicitly accede to the authority of secular governments. Islam does not.

As we have witnessed throughout Europe, there is an all but certain tipping point wherein Muslim populations begin to agitate for dominance over other philosophies. The curve of Islamic immigration to Western countries always follows the same exact curve. First they come as victims and refugees. Then they claim persecution in their host countries. They become more aggressive politically, and begin to proselytize about the superior nature of their doctrine. Then they become violent, and demand appeasement in every facet of the civil sphere. Cowardly Western liberals, afraid to confront the Islamists, grant concession after concession , and preach to their own people about tolerance and inclusion. This only emboldens the Islamists, who follow every accommodation with more demands. Finally, the nations become cultural battlegrounds. Yes; Cultural battlegrounds. Islam is not a religion so much as it is a culture.

The Ludicrous Notion of Islamophobia in the West

“As you know, BATs is very strong on social justice issues, and among those issues is our unwillingness to tolerate Islamophobia.” So wrote Steven Singer to me when he informed me of my unceremonious bouncing from the BAT Research/Blogging group. Apparently, in addition to being “intolerant,” I am also guilty of “Islamophobia.” Additionally, my evolution as a Western apologist has been arrested to the point of moral inadequacy. I should say that I’m sorry and recant. I should declare newfound sensibility and sensitivity, and join the chorus of leftists crying for the rights of Muslims in the West. I will not, because I refuse to become a raving lunatic.

A Word Coined by Islamist Supremacists

The very “word” Islamophobia was coined by Islamists in a self-professed campaign to delegitimize any criticism of Islam, however well founded it is. According to Claire Berlinski, Ed., 

Now here’s a point you might deeply consider: The neologism “Islamophobia” did not simply emerge ex nihilo. It was invented, deliberately, by a Muslim Brotherhood front organization, the International Institute for Islamic Thought, which is based in Northern Virginia. If that name dimly rings a bell, it should: I’ve mentioned it before, and it’s particularly important because it was co-founded by Anwar Ibrahim–the hero of Moderate Islam who is now trotting around the globe comparing his plight to that of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the IIIT (International Institute for Islamic Thought) who has renounced the group in disgust, was an eyewitness to the creation of the word. “This loathsome term,” he writes,

is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.

Now, let’s consider some hard, irrefutable facts, courtesy of Robert Spencer:

And in fact, FBI statistics show that there is no “Islamophobia.” In fact, many “anti-Muslim hate crimes” have been faked by Muslims, and Jews are eight times more likely than Muslims to be the victims of hate attacks.

The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.” One easy way to do that would be to guilt-trip non-Muslims into being ashamed of resisting jihad activity and Islamic supremacism, for fear of being accused of “Islamophobia.” 

While we’re at it, let’s take a quick look at Pat Condell’s prescription for those afflicted with the mythical malady that Islamists and their leftist bedfellows call Islamophobia:

We could use a few Pat Condells over here on this side of the pond!

Of course, we can’t forget Salman Rushdie, whose 1988 book, The Satanic Verses, earned him a death sentence, in the form of a fatwā, from the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who became the First Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran after the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution. Rushdie’s “crime” was blasphemy against Islam. Incidentally, several people involved in the translation and publishing of the book were attacked, seriously injured, and killed by irate Muslims.

In 2005, a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, had the sheer audacity to draw the infallible Islamic prophet Muhammad, in 12 editorial cartoons, and inspired convulsions throughout the Islamosphere that boiled over into the West. Riots occurred in some Muslim countries. Over 100 people died in the initial riots. Republication of the same cartoons brought the total death tally to over 200.

Muslims worldwide demanded the curtailment of Freedom of Speech in the West. Western publications largely self-censored out of fear of reprisal.

A Manifesto

In response to the Muslim reaction to the publication of the cartoons, Muslim-born Rushdie and a group of likeminded writers issued a manifesto that was widely published  around the world. Their manifesto contains some bold passages:

After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new global totalitarian threat: Islamism.

We, writers, journalists, intellectuals, call for resistance to religious totalitarianism and for the promotion of freedom, equal opportunity and secular values for all.

Recent events, prompted by the publication of drawings of Muhammad in European newspapers, have revealed the necessity of the struggle for these universal values.

This struggle will not be won by arms, but in the ideological field.

It is not a clash of civilisations nor an antagonism between West and East that we are witnessing, but a global struggle that confronts democrats and theocrats.

Like all totalitarian ideologies, Islamism is nurtured by fear and frustration.

Preachers of hatred play on these feelings to build the forces with which they can impose a world where liberty is crushed and inequality reigns.

But we say this, loud and clear: nothing, not even despair, justifies choosing darkness, totalitarianism and hatred.

Islamism is a reactionary ideology that kills equality, freedom and secularism wherever it is present.

Its victory can only lead to a world of injustice and domination: men over women, fundamentalists over others.

On the contrary, we must ensure access to universal rights for the oppressed or those discriminated against.

We reject the “cultural relativism” which implies an acceptance that men and women of Muslim culture are deprived of the right to equality, freedom and secularism in the name of the respect for certain cultures and traditions.

We refuse to renounce our critical spirit out of fear of being accused of “Islamophobia”, a wretched concept that confuses criticism of Islam as a religion and stigmatisation of those who believe in it.

We defend the universality of the freedom of expression, so that a critical spirit can exist in every continent, towards each and every maltreatment and dogma.

We appeal to democrats and free spirits in every country that our century may be one of light and not dark.

Signed by: (I’ve inserted a link for each signer in order to help readers familiarize themselves with the signers of the document.)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Criticism of Islam Angers Western Liberals – She single handedly burns liberals flaccid approach to Islam to the ground.

Chahla Chafiq: Chahla Chafiq-Beski In French; short; use Google Translate.

Caroline Fourest: Caroline Fourest -Wikipedia

Bernard-Henri Levy: Bernard-Henri Lévy -Wikipedia

Irshad Manji: A true lesson in courage.

Mehdi Mozaffari: Mehdi Mozaffari Click translate page.

Maryam Namazie: An excellent site!

Taslima Nasreen: Another excellent site!

Salman Rushdie: About the author 

Antoine Sfeir: Antoine Sfeir

Philippe Val:  “A Reply from a non-Muslim, non-Jewish Frenchman to the Appeal by the 41”  – A French writer calling it what it is.

Ibn Warraq: -A real earful and eye opener for anyone who has ears that hear and eyes that see.

The manifesto was written in 2006. Where have Western leftists been? Wearing earplugs and blindfolds and dreaming about the virtues of cultural relativism while singing Kumbaya? That is a distinct possibility…

Of the twelve writers who authored the manifesto, eight are originally from Muslim-majority countries, and know all too well the totalitarian nature of Islam. Six of the eight are now apostates, having left the depraved philosophy altogether in order to pursue far more appealing and rewarding lives in the West. One of the authors was born as a Hindu in Muslim-majority Pakistan, and knows firsthand how minorities are treated by Muslims in Islamic society. One is an openly gay, practicing Muslim, and calls herself a Muslim pluralist. She is an advocate of a “reformist” interpretation of Islam.

For taking part in the crafting of the manifesto, all of the writers have been subject to death threats. Unfortunately, the many of them were already familiar with such threats as a result of their work to expose Islamic dogma for what it truly is: Totalitarian. Sexist. Misogynistic. Anti-Other.


Enmity for Christians and Jews; Sympathy for Muslims

The Liberal Elite’s and Their Wannabes’ Prescription for a New America

An unmistakable aspect of the Left’s attitude toward religion in America is its obvious distaste for Christians and Jews, and its apparent infatuation with Muslims. Whenever a Muslim commits an act of terror, we hear the same old anecdotal accounts of “Christians” blowing up abortion clinics. We hear about Timothy McVeigh blowing up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. We hear again about the Crusades, wherein bloodthirsty Christians marched off to the Middle East to deliver death and despair to innocent, pious Muslims. We hear again about evil Christian missionaries spreading throughout the world and subjugating indigenous peoples without mercy.

What we don’t hear is the complete truth. We don’t hear about any of the really good things that missionaries have done for backwards cultures mired in dysfunctional social systems. We don’t hear about missionaries bringing them modern medicine and written language. We don’t hear the truth that not one abortion clinic bombing was ever sanctioned by any Christian organization, or that the perpetrators were lone wolf actors who had usurped their own god’s prerogative, and had acted against the teachings of Christianity. We don’t hear that Timothy McVeigh was a disturbed individual acting out of an irrational zeal unrelated to Christianity whatsoever. We don’t hear the truth about the Crusades. We don’t hear that they were in response to longstanding Islamic aggression that had driven most Jews and Christians from the Middle East and culminated in the sacking of Constantinople and the conquest of the Iberian peninsula. If Europe had been conquered by Islamists, there would have been no Reformation; no Renaissance. The consequences of that for humanity are unimaginable.

We hear a lot about how the Jews are oppressing the poor, downtrodden Palestinians and Gazans, and how they stole land from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. We hear that they establish “illegal” settlements on “occupied” land. We hear about their periodic “invasions” of Lebanon and Gaza.

What we don’t hear about is that Israel is virtually surrounded by nations that bear open hostility toward it. We don’t hear that many of the nations in the Middle East do not even recognize the right of the Jewish state to exist at all. We don’t hear that Israel exists under constant threat of annihilation by regional powers that want to erase it from the map. We don’t hear that the land upon which Israel builds settlements is land that was taken from Arab countries after they launched preemptive attacks against Israel, with the express intention of pushing all Jews into the Mediterranean Sea.  We don’t hear that every incursion into Gaza or Lebanon has been a direct response to cross-border rocket and missile attacks. We don’t hear that the actions were taken only after many warnings. We don’t hear that Palestinian Israelis are full Israeli citizens, and enjoy all the civil rights that Jewish Israelis enjoy, so long as they do not engage in violence against the State of Israel.

What we hear a lot of are false analogies and faulty comparisons that are designed to encourage us to rationalize the acceptance of Islamic terrorism by repeatedly apologizing for our past, and to somehow wrest reality from our minds in an effort to make us feel guilty for being who we are.

Evidently, according to leftists, in order to show the Muslims that we accept them, we need to show them that we accept the fact that they will sow death and destruction among us at unpredictable intervals, as an understandable element of our coexistence. After all, it’s not the Muslims’ fault; it’s the Christians’ and the Jews’.

Leftists laugh hysterically at the lampooning of Christians and Jews in Western popular culture, but act aghast at any such portrayal of Muslims. When Hollywood denigrates Christianity for the purpose of revisionist entertainment, liberals don’t flinch. However, if anyone dares to depict Islam in a less than favorable light, the Islamists come calling with another dose of their interminable campaign of complaints, and the weirdest of possible bedfellows for them, the leftist, so-call secular progressives, come to their aid, admonishing the rest of us to just mind our manners lest we offend the Muslims and set off another bloodbath.

We are finally getting to the point of this exercise in self-deprecative cultural relativism, foisted upon us by an elitist class of neo-fascist “liberals,” that vast numbers of Americans are beginning to see the intellectually bankrupt, morally corrupt recipe for the collapse of Western Culture for exactly what it is: the Death of Liberty itself.

As for me, I solemnly reaffirm all the statements I made that the Badass Teachers Association found to be so “offensive.” I refuse to be cowed into compliance and conformity for the sake of political correctness. If BAT wants to profess being “big on social justice issues,” then they can start by doing some serious, primary source reading, and make a serious attempt to reconcile what they say with what they do.

I’m going to keep on doing exactly what I’ve been doing all along: 

Telling the truth. 

Speaking of the telling the truth, check out Pat Condell below. He sums up my views on Islam perfectly.

Pat Condell makes a number of points that just can’t be debated. The fact that so many American apologists refuse to face the truth is utterly astonishing.

For those who doubt the gravity and universality of the worldwide, multigenerational Islamic jihad against against Western Civilization, the following video should help you pull your mind out of whatever cognitive abyss it is currently trapped in:

Under current policy toward Muslim immigration, we are not far behind Europe on the curve of Civilizational Death by Islam.

If you want to learn more about the global threat posed by the spread of Islam, you can start with the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project. It is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that provides translations of Arabic, Farsi, Urdu-Pashtu, Dari, and Turkish media outlets (primarily television). As a primary source clearinghouse, it’s a real eye opener.

My Conviction

I understand that I am likely to be tossed from a number of groups for posting this piece, but to me, the truth is far more important than acceptance. I will not engage in groupthink to gain the acceptance of anyone.

As far as I’m concerned, the future of my country is at stake, which means that my children’s and grandchildren’s futures are at stake as well. I will not trade their futures in order to be politically correct, or to feel like others think I’m intellectually evolved.

I suggest that if you are one who happily gobbles up the Islamo-leftist tripe designed to funnel Americans to their common, eventual demise, then do some real investigating, and think for yourself for a change. If you believe in Islamophobia, you can’t possibly be doing that now.



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