Ghetto Ball!

A Night to Remember, Ruined by Thugs from the Hood

Wesley Chapel High School Homecoming Soured by Hoodrats

It’s unfortunate that we live in a country where the truth often goes unspoken because of an irrational fear of offending idiots.

It’s regrettable that we live in a society that ignores appalling behavior because of a reluctance to face the reality that such behavior exposes.

It’s disgusting that we are quite saddled with leadership that is content to allow our communities to deteriorate rather than to take the risks associated with confronting difficult and divisive issues.

Last Friday night, the Wesley Chapel community witnessed a truly shocking demonstration of just what can happen when adults are allowed to behave like beasts.

Yes. Beasts.

According to multiple sources, all of whom demanded anonymity in exchange for their accounts of the incident, the extended family of one of Wesley Chapel High School’s varsity football players decided to attend the game together, and they had more than just watching the game in mind.

According to my sources, one of the most athletically gifted players on the Wildcat roster enjoys rather robust and muscular family involvement and support.

Apparently, that same family had a bone to pick with the Wildcats’ coach.

Led by the aforementioned player’s older sibling, the angry family decided to accost the  Wesley Chapel coach and his pregnant wife as she traversed the track that encircles the gridiron. After crowding the coach and his wife, yelling degrading expletives and repeatedly threatening their safety and well-being, two of the family members were ultimately escorted from the stadium by the Wesley Chapel High School school resource officer and his Weightman Middle counterpart, who were there to prevent such an incident.

They should have been cuffed.

A Mob of a Family

The family reportedly felt as though the coach hadn’t given enough playing time to their kinsman during the game, and, worse than that, had deprived him of adequate touches. The fact that he had played the entire game (primarily as a defensive back, where touches are up to him), and had played a pivotal role in a key offensive play, was entirely irrelevant to the family of thugs.

So, their solution was to verbally assault the coach and his wife. One of them yelled at her, “We know who you are bitch. This ain’t no one-man show bitch.”

Unless less, of course it’s their family member’s show.

They nearly surrounded the coach, spewing insults and threats, replete with, “I’ll fuck you up,” “I’ll beat your ass,” and “I’ll saw you in half.”

A dumbfounded Wesley Chapel principal and her assistants called the deputies.

The two Pasco County sheriff’s deputies’ solution to the very public disturbance was to ask the perpetrators to leave. According to one of my sources, who witnessed the scene from mere yards away, one of the deputies even averred, “This isn’t the time or place.”


Indeed, is there a time or place for such appalling conduct?


It gets even better.

Not satisfied that they had sufficiently denigrated and intimidated the coach and his wife, the family then lurked in the parking lot in order to repeat their behavior.

My sources reported watching the coach and his wife standing with deputies on the field apparently waiting for the gangsta idiots to vacate the parking lot. The coach’s shaken wife was escorted to her car in plain view of the troublemakers. The coach was then seen walking towards to the locker room.

Wow again. What a fucking disgrace.

What the fuck is wrong with those people?

Just when does behavior of the sort demonstrated by the clannish clowns last Friday become criminal? When does heckling become menacing? How much of this does the well-behaved public have to tolerate before deputies decide to enforce any single one of several laws designed to deter and rectify such repugnantly aberrant conduct?

From where I sit, it looks like the bar is pretty low.

Football coaches already have a tough job dealing with crybaby parents who think their kid is a future Heisman candidate, or don’t want their delicate little angel yelled at, or want him to play a different position then the coach sees him suited for, or any one of a million reasons why a whole lot of high school football players’ parents suck big balls. This type of asshole comportment is definitely something coaches should not have to contend with.

To harass a football coach because your poor little brat, thug-in-training kid didn’t get everything he wanted is one thing. To menace and assault the coach’s pregnant (or not) wife is quite another.

At least two of the mob of misfit morons who acted like abject animals at the Wesley Chapel homecoming game should have been arrested.

With the final game of the season also at home, the kid with the savage family and the coach are sure to have an awkward and unavoidably discordant association.

We can only hope the thug-life family has been barred from school district property.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office needs to pull its head out of its ass and get with the program. Those deputies were seriously outnumbered if things got ugly. Security for a big game such as that one should not rest on the shoulders of two overtime school resource officers. Hopefully next time the sheriff’s office will make better assignment decisions. A half-dozen deputies would be appropriate.

What happened at the Chapel 2017 Homecoming game is a good reason not to go to high school football games.

Especially in Pasco County.

NOTE: We made several attempts, through multiple channels, to reach the Wesley Chapel Football coach for comment. We did not receive a response. Nonetheless, my sources are rock-solid in their accounting of the incident, as several non-collaborative accounts align seamlessly. 



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