An Enlightening Email!

An reader who emails me occasionally sent me this email not too long ago. It is at once entertaining and disconcerting. Authenticity is hard to come by these days, and this thing is authentic. All I did was correct a couple typos and put the author’s email moniker at the end. I truly do not know who wrote it, but whoever it is sure knows a lot about how this district operates. Enjoy.


Ray Gadd has created a complete cluster of an organization under the obviously unaware nose of the political figurehead called the superintendent. Long ago, Ray was thought to be a challenger for the Superintendent position after he was ousted by Heather Fiorentino (which was Heather’s best move during her term) Mr. Gadd quickly realized that there was zero chance that the votes would work in his favor. Around the same time, Burt Krowning was released from his job as Secretary of State. While the headlines say that Burt resigned to spend more time with his family, the reality was he was about to be cut loose, saw the writing on the wall and back to Pasco he came.

Gadd’s background as a school psychologist allowed him to skirt around life in the classroom. He was promoted to a supervisor and remained in that position for some time. Under the leadership of administrations prior to Fiorentino, Gadd was kept on a short leash because of his destructive, ego-filled actions that benefited himself to the demise of others. John Long allowed Gadd too much latitude during the Penny for Pasco campaign years ago. After that initiative, and near the end of Long’s retirement, Gadd was given the job of Assistant Superintendent position, to the dismay of most, as a thank you for the work spent on campaign. Unfortunately, Gadd had political aspirations of his own, but lacked the charisma to win an election and the skills needed to be successful actually doing a job. The skill deficit is currently evident. Burt Krowning has the charisma to win an election and lacks skills for the job. Both humans are victims of the Peter Principle.

At this point, students suffer from Gadd’s half-baked ideas and these appointments are examples. Burt’s only thought is getting Pasco Schools to be an A rated district. This goal disregards the opinions and thoughts of others and ultimately is designed to make Burt look good. It would be better to be rated as a C and have the best schools in the nation where students excel and people care. Burt and Ray are the dynamic duo and cannot be replicated in any way. The current duo need to slow down and talk to people in the community about what is needed in schools.

The policies rolled out in Tallahassee don’t always fit the needs of students, but unfortunately, in Pasco, what is best for students goes against the political flavor of the day. Apparently, enrolling masses of students into CTE classes/certifications equates to Points for Pasco on the grading scale. Add in adjustments of school boundaries and a sprinkling of some new programs and you will have the magic formula- so the duo and Shibles think.

A dynamic school system requires dynamic leadership beginning at the top. Pasco will not achieve the desired level, because the focus is wrong and what continues to ooze out is evidence of a dysfunctional school system that is disenfranchising the public. There are other options for families and maybe that is the intent of all poor decisions made by the current leadership.



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