A Great New Hope for Pasco County Schools!

Dr. David LaRoche for Superintendent!

We are Excited to Endorse an Exceedingly Qualified Candidate!

Oh, this post is so very overdue!  I have been horribly remiss. We should have had this post up a couple of months ago. We will be posting often, from here on out, right up to election day.

Dr. LaRoche will annihilate Bubba at the polls this coming August!

Now finally, here’s a guy who, by any imaginable measure, towers over the Grand Poobah like Simba over Mickey Mouse.

He’s got a rock-solid educational background, in education, and has established himself as a proven leader in the profession. In an appointed-superintendent school district, his qualifications would all but make Bubba Boy look like the abjectly unqualified idiot he is. Bubba has no qualifications. He only has a carefully selected cadre of lackeys and minions. Morons all.

Dr. LaRoche will defeat them all! 

In a county like the Pasco Fiasco, LaRoche is an honorable outsider politically. And that makes him exactly what we need. For too long, this county has been ruled by a tight-knit band of miscreants and weasels.

It’s got to stop.

A Little Background on Dr. Dave

LaRoche moved to the Hudson area as a teenager in 1978 with his parents and three younger siblings. His parents became longtime employees of the very district that he is a candidate to lead. He has all but chosen to risk his career, indeed his very livelihood, just by running against the interloping poser Browning.

Driving that point home is Bubba’s decision to abruptly remove “Dr. Dave” (as he is affectionately known to many), from his position as Principal over at Hudson High, and transfer him over to Mitchell High School as an assistant principal. He had been the principal of Hudson High for some twelve years out of the thirty years he has been a Pasco educator. He has been widely acknowledged for turning around the once struggling high school, and his stint there, alone, is four more years than Bubba’s tour as the public education dismantlers’ inside man. Yes; that’s right: The Grand Poobah of the Pasco Fiasco has been hard at work dismantling our district, as we know it, for eight years now. It’s up to informed supporters of decency in our district to stop him. Kurt Browning’s decision yesterday to sack Dr. Dave and transfer him to a subordinate position at the school where he began the administrative phase of his exemplary career is a clear indication that Bubba is afraid of the obvious grassroots groundswell of support for LaRoche. It couldn’t be clearer. Abject cowardice, pure and simple.

Enough about Kurt Clowning. Let’s get back to Dr. LaRoche.

LaRoche brings with him a veritable gold mine in education experience and skillset. Loved by many; disliked by very few, he is well-versed at bringing out the best in all stakeholders and advancing a positive approach to progress. If you aren’t convinced of that, then just ask the parents over at Hudson High School.

He knows what it’s like to work for achievement. He worked himself through college, like so many of us. Unlike Bubba’s golden boy tour of privilege and insidership, his accomplished resume represents his own achievements, not a bunch of other peoples’ favors and handouts. 

After he finished his degree in Education in 1990, LaRoche began his career at River Ridge Middle School, where he taught social studies and coached soccer for nine years. Never satisfied to sit on his laurels, he continued at the University of South Florida, where, in 1999, he earned a master’s degree in educational leadership. (Fancy that, Bubba!) The following year he began a new phase of his career in education as an assistant principal at Mitchell High School.

In February of 2007, LaRoche accepted the principalship at Hudson High School, where he remained for twelve years, until Bubba sacked him without warning early yesterday under the pathetic pretense of differing visions for the school.  LaRoche earned a doctorate in education, emphasis in curriculum and instruction and was awarded the degree in May of 2007, just a few months after becoming the principal at Hudson High.

It’s important to note that LaRoche never even expressed any opposition to Bubba the Clown’s “vision.” It’s also important to note that Bubba has zero vision. Ray Gadd tells him what to see, what to think, what to say, what to hear, and what to do.

The Family

Dr. Dave’s wife, Bridget, is a Community Engagement Coordinator at Chasco Elementary School. They have four kids. The youngest and oldest are boys, while the middle two are girls. All of them are well-rounded, successful students who attend Pasco schools. The youngest is in elementary school, the two middle girls are in high school,  and the oldest just finished his bachelor’s degree at Saint Leo University.


The LaRoche family.

As if all that isn’t a full plate for even the most capable of people, Dr. Dave also serves as an adjunct professor at St. Leo, where he has trained many future administrators in educational leadership over the past ten years.

Like I’ve already mentioned, Dr. David LaRoche is eminently qualified to lead our district. His skillset fills in all the horrible gaps in ability and leadership that Bubba has so profoundly demonstrated on so many occasions.

Dr. Dave Is Our Guy!

We need all hands in this fight. We have to bring change to our district. We have to get rid of the weasel Kurt S. Browning as well as his stubbornly insular troupe of toadies. 

Take a few minutes to visit his campaign site and look around. You will be impressed. He has a solid vision for the future of our district. He is a person who genuinely cares about students, parents, and teachers.







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