About the Withering Apple

The Withering Apple Welcomes All Intrepid Inquisitors.

Our ultimate ambition here at the Withering Apple is to offer brutally straightforward analysis and commentary regarding the issues, trends, and events affecting public education in America.

With regrettably few exceptions, the mainstream, corporate press has failed to accurately dissect the most basic elements that constitute the impending catastrophe in American public education. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of commercial publications have come to operate in a manner based largely on the solicitations of the very corporations that stand to profit the most from the dismantlement of public education.

Thus, the American public is alarmingly underinformed, misinformed, and, with respect to a rapidly growing number of issues, purposefully disinformed by the very “journalists” so naively entrusted to report objectively on affairs of import.

By design, The Withering Apple is at once mercilessly irreverent and unsympathetically honest. We believe that the gravity of the circumstances surrounding public education in America warrants our approach.

Welcome to The Withering Apple.