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Withering Apple offers brutally straightforward viewpoints on the issues, trends, and events affecting public education in America.

With regrettably few exceptions, the mainstream, corporate press has failed to accurately dissect the most basic aspects of the catastrophe in American public education.

The American public is alarmingly underinformed, misinformed, and, with respect to a rapidly growing number of issues, purposefully disinformed by the very “journalists” so naively entrusted to report objectively on affairs of import.

By design, public education has become an exercise in not-so-subtle indoctrination, replete with thought and lexicon orthodoxy, that amounts to the willful and pernicious miseducation of our kids. In so many ways, the publicly held enterprise of educating our young has become subversive, anti-American, and ultimately self-destructive. It must be reformed and retooled from the top down or destroyed and abandoned in pursuit of something better. Sadly, at this point, anything is better.

The Withering Apple is mercilessly irreverent and unsympathetically honest. The gravity of the circumstances surrounding public education in America warrants our approach.

A nation becomes what it teaches its children.

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