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Florida Crony Club Proposes Another Trick to Expedite the Destruction of Our Public Schools The Straight-Up Skinny Republican legislators Jeff Brandes, of the Florida Senate, and Matt Caldwell, a Lee County House Representative, have proposed a bill to “ask” voters to change the state constitution and allow the legislature to exercise more control over how school districts in Florida are

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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing The WA has watched, with ever increasing dismay, the recent coverage by the two local papers of state senator John Legg’s recent whirlwind romp through his senate district, feigning empathy with his constituents while shrewdly advancing his public-money-to-private-pockets political agenda. Legg’s recent behavior is somewhat puzzling to me, because he frames his sudden realization that

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Teacher Evaluations and the Pasco Fiasco

Pasco County School District’s Moronzano Method I remember when our fearless leaders over at district put their vast intellectual arsenal to work and put this pitiful snake oil system for “evaluating” teachers together. A workshop of sorts was held at our site in order to explain the new way evaluations would be done. As usual, with the district plan so

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