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Thoughts from a Stalwart Parent and Citizen

Megan Hendricks Shares Her View The following is a Facebook post from Megan Hendricks, an exceptional advocate for Florida’s students, parents, and teachers, in this War on Public Education. Mrs. Hendricks is no stranger to this war. She sat, nearly alone, and faced a hostile Florida State Board of Education a couple of years ago and bravely advocated for Florida public

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A MYOPICALLY DAFT POLICY Surprise: Browning & Company and USEP are once again at a standoff. Annual Contract renewal policy and its ramifications for teachers who suddenly find themselves unemployed are the items at issue. Back in 2011, the unrelentingly antagonistic Florida Legislature passed a crucial component of its far-right quest to corporatize public education in the state: the codified

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Florida Crony Club Proposes Another Trick to Expedite the Destruction of Our Public Schools The Straight-Up Skinny Republican legislators Jeff Brandes, of the Florida Senate, and Matt Caldwell, a Lee County House Representative, have proposed a bill to “ask” voters to change the state constitution and allow the legislature to exercise more control over how school districts in Florida are

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